Pforzheim University
Institute of Industrial Ecology

Postal address:
Tiefenbronner Str. 65
75175 Pforzheim

Street adress:
Blücherstraße 32
75177 Pforzheim



02. September 2015

Team completed

with Professor Ingela Tietze and Prof. Frank Bertagnolli

14. July 2015

Corporative Actors’ Platform recommends measures

Strategy on resource efficiency in Baden-Württemberg

25. June 2015

Academic award for transdisciplinarity

The University of Lüneburg has recently appointed Professor Dr. Mario Schmidt from Pforzheim...

Welcome to the Institute of Industrial Ecology

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We are an interdisciplinary team at the Institute of Industrial Ecology at Pforzheim University, working on economic, technical and environmental issues. The analysis of material and energy flows in operational production or product systems and the optimization concerning economic and ecological effects is the main focus of our work. Our goal is to determine an efficient use of resources – from both a financial and an environmental perspective. Energy and material flow management is an important tool.

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